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Morning Drop-Off

School commences at 8.30am. The only gate that will be opened before this time is the Gillies St gate. The Catholic Education Commission has told schools that students should not be on the school playground unattended and should not be allowed on the school grounds until a teacher is on duty. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

The Verge St gate and the Young St gate near the hall are opened at 8.30 am.

The student gate in Gillies St, Verge St and the Young St hall gate will be locked at 9.00am to ensure safety for all students in the school. If students arrive after this time they are classified as late and are required to enter the school via the office gate in Gillies Street and must be signed in by an adult at the Office.

Morning Drop-Off Locations

Students can be dropped off in a number of locations including three “kiss and drop zones”.

Kiss and Drop Zones

In a kiss and drop zone the maximum standing time is two minutes and the driver must not leave the car.

  1. Kiss and drop zone- in front of the church in Young St (enter the school via the Hall gate).
  2. Kiss and drop zone - in front of Infants block on Young St(enter the school via the Hall gate).
  3. Kiss and drop zone- next to Anglican Church in Gillies St (enter the school via the Office gate or Gillies St student gate).

Walking Entry Points

  1. Verge St gate (opens at 8.30am)
  2. Gillies St student gate
  3. Gillies St office gate
  4. Young St gate near the hall

You may park and escort your children to the main play area in front of the school office. Normal parking is available in Verge St and Gillies St (on the far side). The opposite side of Young St has a 15-minute parking restriction.

Please note that the gate near the hall does not open until 8.30am and if students are dropped off before the commencement time they will need to be dropped off at the main office in Gillies Street. Students arriving early must sit quietly under the COLA and wait for a teacher to come on duty at 8:30am.

Afternoon Dismissal

There are three areas where students can be collected.

We ask parents not to collect children from church lines or bus lines.

Afternoon Kiss and Drop zone

In a kiss and drop zone the maximum standing time is two minutes and the driver must not leave the car.

The Church verandah on Young St is the only afternoon ‘kiss and drop’ zone. The drive-up area is located near the church gates. Students must wait on the walkway and parents/caregivers can drive up to collect students without leaving their car. Teachers supervise these zones to ensure safety.

Other Exit points

  1. Verge St Gate - students are escorted to the grass behind the gate on Verge St. Students will not be allowed to cross the road unless accompanied by an adult. This area is very convenient as there is less traffic and no restrictions on parking; exit time for students is reasonably quick.
  2. Young St Infants Playground Gate - students are supervised under the COLA and will not be released until an adult collects them. Parents who wish to pick up children from this area are asked to wait near the Young St gate. Be aware that parking is difficult in this area.
  3. Young St walkers leave with the buses and exit via the Young St gate - the teacher on bus duty will escort the students across the road. Students who need to walk down Young St are to exit from this point. This is not a pick-up point for parents, it is only for students walking home alone.
  4. Gillies St walkers line – students exit via Gillies St and a teacher will walk the students across the road.
  5. Gillies St near the office - students wait on the grass in front of office where parents are to wait for their child. This is a quick duty and students who are waiting more than 5 minutes are taken to the church verandah.
  6. Buses – students who catch buses are allocated lines for their exit each day and are supervised by teachers until the last bus leaves.

Bus Routes

ALL APPLICATIONS FOR HUNTER VALLEY BUSES & GRACE COACHES - New, update or change of details - are completed online.

The School Student Transport Scheme (SSTS) gives eligible students free or subsidised travel between home and school on approved bus services.

Transport for NSW will be issuing School Opal cards and Student Travel passes to students eligible for travel under the SSTS via an online application process.

The introduction of the new School Opal card and Student Travel pass online application form will provide significant benefits to parents and schools:

Automatic notifications

Parents and guardians who have applied using the online application form will automatically receive notifications when a new application is required (if their child is  moving from Year 2 to 3 or 6 to 7).

How to apply

1. Complete the application online.
2. Send an electronic request for endorsement.
3. The school will then receive the electronic request and will endorse your application.  Once approved, Transport for NSW will send the Opal card to your home address.

St Paul’s Rutherford uses Hunter Valley buses to transport students from around the area to school.

The current timetable can be found on the Hunter Valley website.

parent and student at school gate


There are many options for before and after school care in the West Maitland area.

St Nicholas OOSH hosts After School Care in the St Paul’s school hall.