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Students are provided with the opportunity to learn several sports. In today's world of increasing leisure time, the need for exercise is important to the student’s total development and they are encouraged to participate as fully as possible in the program provided.

A note must be given to the class teacher if a student is not able to participate in physical activities for a good reason. Such non-participation should be kept to a minimum for the sake of the student’s health and wellbeing.

Students MUST return to school after all sporting activities unless a parent comes to the teacher responsible, signs them out and indicates that the child is now in his/her care. A note asking that the student meet his/her parent at some point cannot be accepted.

The days for sports uniform are as follows:

All Grades Friday

  • Kinder    Wednesday
  • Year 1     Wednesday
  • Year 2     Wednesday
  • Year 3     Tuesday
  • Year 4     Tuesday
  • Year 5     Monday-Friday whilst participating in Hunter New England and Newcastle University Research Trial
  • Year 6     Monday-Friday Whilst participating in Hunter New England and Newcastle University Research Trial

Students at St Paul's have the opportunity to be involved in a wide range of representative sports from the age of eight. All interests and range of abilities are catered for with students able to represent the school at netball, football (league, touch, soccer and union), cricket, softball, hockey, basketball, horse riding, athletics, swimming and cross-country.

St Paul’s has a great representative tradition and its students and teams make regular appearances at State and National titles.

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