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Positive Behaviours for Learning

At St Paul's, our behaviour management practices are based on the Positive Behaviors for Learning (PBL) Framework which aims to improve the learning and wellbeing of all students.  We follow restorative principles in our response and management of student behaviour and are respectful of the dignity and rights of all students. As a school, we adopt proactive strategies for defining, teaching and supporting appropriate behaviors to support our students in becoming self-aware, caring and responsible lifelong learners. 

Our PBL Matrix (updated in 2022) reflects 14 positive behaviour focuses that are concurrently aligned with our School Rules: Responsible, Respectful, Learners and our School Values: Learn, Love, Serve. 

Each fortnight our school focuses on explicitly teaching one of the fourteen PBL Focuses. At St Paul's we believe that student voice and engagement is key to learning. Thus, our Year 6 student leaders are actively involved, working with staff from our newly formed (2022) PBL Team to help reteach and remind our student community of what each fortnightly behaviour focus looks, feels and sounds like both in class and on the playground. 

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