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The P&F committee of St Paul’s is made up of parents/family members and staff who meet face to face or via zoom on the third Tuesday of each month. It allows parents to become partners in the education of student’s and play an interested and active role within our school.

The P&F is involved in developing a community spirit, fundraising and promoting interaction between the home and school.

We hope by becoming a part of our P&F family you will gain knowledge of our school community, have the opportunity to partake in open discussions regarding school matters, volunteer to assist on special event days when possible and most importantly meet other parents and staff from St Paul's.

All are invited to join our meetings that are announced in the Newsletter, Compass APP and via Facebook.

Meetings are the 3rd Tuesday of every month during the school term at 6:30pm. You can also join us via ZOOM.

The P&F Association aims:

  • to promote the interest of our Primary School and Catholic Education in general by bringing together parents, clergy and teachers in close cooperation.
  • to support the work done within the school.
  • to assist the school through the Association’s fundraising activities to purchase materials and equipment necessary for the school.
  • to provide a means of meeting socially for all those associated with the school.

In the past we have had a P&F Levy to alleviate time spent in organising fundraising, which in turn distributes funds raised more fairly. However, there has been a shift back to fundraising and other fun aspects of school that the P&F are continuing to organise throughout the year. Easter Raffle, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are special occasions needing help from volunteers. The P&F had set up 2 discos per year for students to celebrate together. These special events allow the students and parents to become directly involved. 
It is impossible to improve our school without each family's wholehearted support of the ventures organised by the P&F Association.

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